Lusie Skorik

Lusie Skorik

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First Name * Lusie
Last Name * Skorik
Username * lusie
Country * Ukraine
City Kiev
Nationality ukrainian
Languages English



I am an illustrator artist and designer imposer in one person, and I am lawer... )))
And I do not have the special artistic education, except of special courses on a design and 3D graphic, mainly I learned all with pleasure.
From all styles I prefer surrealism, symbolism and realism smile therefore such incomprehensible combination is ordinary in my works acquires certain sense, such the style I name sursimbolysm O_o
I very love all new and eccentric or ancient and enigmatic. Therefore easily pulled into new projects and with gladness work with the customers (blessing did not complain while). I like to travel in search of something unusual.
Drawing it for me not hobby it is my life.
I am designer of polygraphy, drawing of illustrations, characters, logos, advertising (postals, booklets, books) and other interesting things.

I work in publishing house «MORION» Kiev
will Be glad to your comments on my page and your suggestions.